Wearing Black – Where does the rainbow creep in?

When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico, he bought me a sarong encompassing the brightest pure versions of yellows, reds, lime greens, and purples with carefully spaced sequins. But, the fact that we live in Illinois where winters can stretch for 5 months amidst dreary clouds, I reached for the sarong and wrapped it around my neck one cold day. I told myself, “It’s dreary outside, but I choose to be the light, someone bright on a dim day.” The sarong kept my neck surprisingly warm but also garnered compliments from the wearers of the black, gray and brown winter gear. Almost every time I went to Trader Joe’s, one cashier would always comment from across the way, “Thanks for brightening my day!”

On days when we are grieving, in a dreary mood, or just feeling heavy, it’s like wearing all black. We don’t get noticed, but if we do people look at us dimly, or with pity, or even steer clear. But, what if all it took for people to see us as bright beings is a bright colored shirt, a shiny headband, a sassy red scarf, or some bling, a washed car, a shiny license plate frame with a positive message, etc.

We can shine in the darkness.

Pay attention and see how people see you when you do, DESPITE how you feel.  Do you feel a tinge of joy because you are letting your sun come through the clouds? Does the feeling of hope awaken for a moment? Are you actually giving others a moment of joy they needed? All because you showed up with a rainbow instead of a storm? The rainbow is promising that this too shall pass. See yourself in it. And see others.

When life feels heavy, do you have something light, colorful, or shiny to wrap around yourself, put on, to feel like to can get beyond the black moments? If you don’t, you can make or buy something that lights up your day and ignites hope.

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