Miscarriage and Abortion: Are Our Babies Okay?

Have you ever wondered what happens to our babies that die before or at birth, are miscarried, or aborted?

In October of 2008 I found out I was pregnant. We told everyone even though it had only been a few weeks. Then, a couple of weeks later, I went to the bathroom and something came out of me that I knew wasn’t right. This something was not a baby, but what would have been the baby’s home for 9 months. A blighted ovum.   I was in shock. I felt alone. What does this mean? Was it my fault? Is this something to cry about? I thought of what my sister in law must have felt having to carry a dead baby in her womb until the time of the regular birth. And all of the other mothers who have grieved different variations of this trauma that never seems to make sense.

Since I began a doing medium readings, I have seen many a baby over the left shoulders of my clients. They are there with the angels, saints, spiritual guides and ascended masters. Adults and older kids who have passed on almost always appear over the right shoulder, so babies definitely sit at a higher vibrations than we do. It turns out that the miscarried and aborted babies as well as other babies who’ve passed away live in “heaven” in the image of who they were with us, and provide wisdom and guidance their family (especially their mommies). How do I know this is true? Because when I tell Moms what the baby looks like and the personality, they verify it over and over. Also, the babies often show up and tell me what happened.

Our babies, whether they were the 2 day life from a failed IVF attempt, or miscarried or died some other way, have a soul body and mind. And, they are happy. And, each baby or young child has their own personal angel babysitter assigned for their care.

While I was doing a reflexology session on one of my male clients, over his left shoulder, I saw an angel holding something very small behind a tissue and kept hearing tiny sneezes that billowed the Kleenex.

I asked him if his wife was ever pregnant with twins. He said yes but only their one boy survived the gestation.

I had another client who was going through IVF with the help of a sperm donor. She had dark hair and eyes and brown skin. One of her “potential” babies looked like this but the other one had a different build and blond hair and blue eyes. I asked her if the sperm donor was more of a thin build with blonde hair and blue eyes and she said yes. What’s interesting is that these babies did not survive more than a few days in her womb. Nevertheless, they are still souls coming forth for those days. What’s the reason? It’s unique for everyone, but after years of seeing this, I would say it is to teach us some kind of lesson in faith, trust, stepping back, strength, etc.

One of my clients lost her four-year-old boy to a chronic disease. During her reading, he came through to give her a full list of business advice after he showed her his custom huge playground under a huge oak tree and sang the Barney song from his funeral. He also introduced us to his caretaker angel.

Some children (and adults actually) choose what age they want to show themselves. But they do this for us to communicate what needs to be communicated, and to validate they are okay or to help us heal. However, some kids will flash through all their ages in a second. Some will show themselves when they were the happiest. Some choose to show what they would have looked like if they had grown up.  Others become ascended teachers/spirit guides to teach us lessons about patience or other virtues. Again, our kids love us and are here to teach us whether they are living in our house or in heaven.

Also, some kids love to send us butterflies, ladybugs, birds, animals, flowers and rainbows to say hi.

The best part is that no matter how a baby died, they are made of love and love us eternally.  They celebrate their moment, days, weeks or years with us. And our love for them never fades.

Here is a poem I wrote in 2010 when I first delved into my first business after a “real job,” Path to Joy intuitive memorial poetry. God has an interesting way of giving validation and getting us to pay attention. The name of the baby who died was Joy, so my heart was even more invested in her parent’s grief. She gave her whole short life fully with heaven attached. And based on these sweet babies I now see on a regular basis over our left shoulders, feeling heaven from our babies is why we gravitate to their sweet soft bodies and tiny little hands and feet. We long for that recent close connection with God.

Dedicated to Baby Joy’s parents

Little sweet Baby Joy

Ever surrounded by a bright yellow puffy cloud,

Looked up into Mommy’s eyes and Daddy’s face,

And the lovely face of her big sister, Grace.

Every part of her small being

Rang true to her name.

Every baby punch, every tiny kick,

Every glance, every gummy grin,

Every little finger wrapped around Mommy’s pinkie…

Daddy’s heart melted and Mommy’s smile glowed.

She ever so gently

Touched their hearts and souls

And left family hearts bigger.


The infinite gift of the purest essence,

Of Love, Peace and, of course, Joy

She gave what it feels like to live in Heaven

Because she was just there

Looking down,..

Ecstatic her whole life would be spent with you.

Your sweet Angel, visiting for a time,

Helpless only because the recent residual

Heavenly Love and Light


Weighed her down.

But…when you held her and embraced her

It flowed to you.

Your soul is larger now

And much closer to the surface.

All because Joy’s little finger wrapped around your pinkie,

And she couldn’t stop loving the Love on your face.


By Joy Lucinda Klein

July 6, 2010


You can talk to your sweet child that passed away. Glance over your left shoulder and just listen and feel any sensation that comes over you. Tell them you love them or anything you want them to hear. You can ask angels to give you signs about your child also.



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