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Continuing Education, Front Line Staff Trainings and Workshops for Health Care Professionalselmhurst-hosp123_1

1 hour and 6 hour CE’s for PT, OT, ST, Nurses, Social Workers, and other allied health professionals.

Joy contracts with the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois,  Home Health, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospital Case Managers and other agencies for Continuing Education presentations.


  • Finding Balance for Patient Compliance:  Calm Approach, Calm Patient, Calm Staff
    How to overcome specific patient care non-compliance issues and learn how to apply simple, effective targeted manual therapy strategies to increase patient compliance for ADL care and medical treatments.
  • Complementary Therapies and Dementia
    Overview of complementary therapy research focused on dementia patients and hands-on strategies that help increase patient care compliance with ADL care and medical treatments. 
  • Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain
    Research overview of alternative strategies for decreasing pain and discomfort and hands-on strategies that complement traditional pharmacological approaches and lead to more successful care compliance. 
  • Staff Grief:  How to cope when your patients dieWhen staff grieve the loss of the patients they cared for, it can affect their job performance, mood and productivity.  During this 1 hour CE Joy provides an overview of holistic, integrative self-help grief release techniques as well as other strategies related to the grief landscape concept.

Front Line staff Trainings available to increase ADL compliance


  • Grief Landscapes:  Traveling on your path back to joy
    Identify where you are in your grief process and how to move forward with it.
  • Holistic Integrative Approaches for Healing Grief for your staff, clients and families
    This workshop honors your clients who have died and provides a support system for your staff and families for healing their grief.    Joy Lucinda demonstrates and provides comprehensive self-care grief release techniques to let go of emotional pain for your community and other staff members. Help your community get through the grief together with quarterly or bi-yearly regularly scheduled, hands on support.

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TESTIMONIALS – Health care professional CE’s and Trainings:

Health care professional CE’s and Trainings:

“Great for our profession. Useful tips to use in everyday life.” ~Tara Springer, LCSW Case Manager,  Edward Hospital

“Help calm patients and caregivers.  Great!” ~ Candi Wroblewski, RN Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I will have some alternative ideas to calming patients without using medications.” ~Karen Barren RN Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I am more aware of touch and the impact on care.” ~ Jan Sloan, LCSW Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“I will look at my patients differently.” ~Melissa Shaw, Case Manager, Edward Hospital

“Makes me more aware of the power of touch.” ~ Debbie Miller, C.N.A.

“I intend to start implementing these techniques subtly with my client to impact their lives in a positive way.” ~ Kelly Honn, RN

“I work with dementia patients in various stages of the disease.  I’m looking forward to applying these techniques on those with anxiety and/or anger. Thank you!”  ~ Nancie Barry, Program Director ESSE Adult Day Care

“This training helped me to understand and deal with difficult clients more effectively.” ~Terre Fulmer, Program Director ESSE Adult Day Care

“Complementary therapies is something that is incorporated more and more for patients.  I am interested personally and professionally.” ~Dawn Clark, RN

“I will utilitze today’s training to help my clients and family.” ~Hillary Francis, Activities Assistant

“I believe that this program will allow me to use general reflexology to help reduce anxiety, agitation, and pain naturally, while providing care.” ~Heather Landen, RN

“My wife will definitely benefit from these touch techniques due to her neuropathy as a result of auto-immune disease. I would recommend this program for those suffering or dealing with chronic pain or conditions.” ~L.S., BrightStar Healthcare