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Intro Mediumship-Communicate with Loved Ones on the Other Side

In this introductory this live, in-person or online ZOOM workshop, Joy will demonstrate ways that YOU CAN CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES WHO HAVE PASSED.  This is a great starting point if you want to have a two way communication with them anytime you miss them or want to ask questions.  This workshop will also help you be more in tune with your own intuition and to trust that what you sense, "hear", or "see" is real, in addition, to giving you a sense of peace about your loved ones and the Other Side. 


*** Please text Joy at 630-200-2554 or email at restorejoyafterloss@gmail.com if you will be joining via Zoom.***

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4 Hour Restore Joy After Loss Workshop - Barrington


Restoring joy after loss is possible before, during and after loss, grief, chaos and stress. In this experiential and informative training, you’ll be shown how to utilize the “RESTORE JOY” and R.E.S.T. protocols; these provide a simple to follow road map on restoring joy after loss no matter what life puts in your way.


6 Hour CEU - Intro to Reflexology - Lisle, Illinois

Tuesday March 12th, 2019 from 9:00AM-3:30PM

Throughout this therapeutic and engaging intensive, watch demonstrations and practice reflexology techniques addressing myriad conditions such as seasonal allergies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, grief, Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, and emotional issues. Hear about reflexology case studies from Klein who has worked with hundreds of clients.


4 Hour Restore Joy After Loss Workshop

Saturday March 16th, 2019 from 10:00AM-2:00PM

Restoring joy after loss is possible before, during and after loss, grief, chaos and stress. In this experiential and informative training, you’ll be shown how to utilize the “RESTORE JOY” and R.E.S.T. protocols; these provide a simple to follow road map on restoring joy after loss no matter what life puts in your way.


Events, Workshops, Retreats

Restore Joy After Loss Workshops and Online Programs


 If grief, loss, trauma or personal or work stress  is weighing you down this workshop will give you practical tools, intuitive insights, and strategies from the RESTORE JOY protocol to heal and move through the heavy emotions into joy, peace, and love.  

Joy offers live workshops and continuing education as well as Restore Joy After Loss Online Programs.

R – Release Resistance

E – Ease Into Neutral

S – Stop Overthinking

T – Test Drive New Words

O – Overcome Negativity

R – Remember But Look Ahead

E – Embrace Change

J – Joy Is Possible!

O - the Open Road!

Y – You’ve Got This!


Medium Events & Online Programs


Joy Lucinda is available to come to your event, program or expo to teach mediumship and do medium sessions with individuals.  She is available to speak and offer intuitive medium readings in large or small groups anywhere in the U.S.  

She also teaches Introduction to Mediumship courses for people who are considering doing becoming a medium or to empower individuals how to communicate with loved ones who have passed on their own whenever they want.  

The Introduction to Mediumship 6 week online course will be available in April 2019.  

Reflexology Courses


Joy has been teaching innovative Reflexology protocols for stress, anxiety, patient care and symptom management since 2010.  

Reflexology is a powerful therapeutic tool for self-care and helping others.  Done on the hands or feet, this 5000 year old simple to learn modality can reduce or release physical and emotional pain, anxiety, stress as well as chronic and terminal illness symptoms.  Within  seconds to minutes there is some kind of relief as you connect to others through compassionate touch.  

Joy teaches her simple 3 minute R.E.S.E.T. (Reflexology Ejects Stress Every Time)  and the 4 Handy Rules of Thumb relaxation and calming protocols and symptom management to laypeople, health care professionals and therapeutic practitioners.   The best part is relaxing and receiving while you learn.  

6 CEU's available for health care professionals, counselors, and social workers.

Reflexology Certification Classes COMING SOON!

Therapeutic Writing, Soul Journey Poetry and Vision Boards


All the answers you need are as close as a pen and paper.  Through therapeutic writing, you will be able to let go of ego and limiting beliefs as you find yourself writing your Truth from the Heart.  These techniques can be done by anyone and can become a daily ritual for receiving messages from your own soul to guide you toward ways to move through grief, stress, or trauma.  

Grief Landscape Vision Boards can help you express and literally picture your feelings and experiences before, during or after loss.  This creation of picture collages facilitates a "map"  of what it would take to get to peace and acceptance so you can live your life fully.

Grief Landscape Hikes


Forests, oceans, mountains, meadows, deserts all tell stories of both suffering and blossoming, dying and living.  During these grief landscape mindful walking tours, we will explore beauty in desolation, cycles, seasons and weather to give you a tangible image and process for moving through grief, loss, trauma or crisis.  Nature is a great teacher and way-show-er and completely present with what is.  



Grief retreats are a way to step away from distraction and obligation to delve into what you need to heal grief, loss, stress, chaos, and trauma.  Joy Lucinda will give you individualized personal intuitive insights, strategies, mindset and heart-set protocols.  You will leave with a newfound relationship with yourself and how you have power over your physical, emotional, and spiritual process.  You will also have quiet time to sit with nature as she awakens and teaches you about how to deal with what happened, mindfully ponder what is happening now, and realize what else is possible to create a new trajectory toward peace, love and joy even in the midst of stress and grief.  

Kudos for Reflexology Trainings from Rachel Gifforn, NHA, RN

Testimonials from Participants


Restore Joy After Loss Workshops and Events


“It was clarifying and connecting to my feelings; made me open my eyes to a new life.” 

“I loved it + I love Joy! It was very emotional and a good release. I loved connecting w/ other people + it was an incredible experience for me.”

“Great instructor! Very insightful!’ 

“Amazing! Hopeful. Life Participation! Joy is real - and that is everything! Good perspectives and strategist philosophy!”

“Loved this class! Instructor is great.”

“Highly recommend.”

“Very interesting. Down to earth examples.”

Reflexology Workshops and Classes

 "Very informative. Joy did a wonderful job! I will definitely be coming back."

"Excellent! Exceeded Expectations."

"Great beginning class, great instructor- easy to follow."

"Love this instructor."

"Very engaging, insightful, energetic, passionate + knowledgeable."

"Great info for self care."

"Good balance of learning the theory and practicing techniques."

"She was very engaging + her stories made the information so relevant."

"Comfortable and competent presentation. Patient + personable instructor. Useful information - glad I came."

"I really enjoyed the class and instructor. Joy was very friendly and knowledgeable, very helpful, really liked the demos and hands on practice, makes it easier to get the techniques down."

Reflexology Health Care Professional Continuing Education Courses

“The class was practical and clearly presented.  FANTASTIC TEACHING STYLE.  LOVED the ‘hands/feet-on’ experience.” -Carrie, MS

“This session was very informative. Joy kept the format very comfortable when trying the different techniques on one another.  I feel it will be very helpful when taking care of my patients! Thank you!” -Shannon, RN

“Joy Lucinda possesses unique insights into day to day struggles that my colleagues and I face.  Her wit, wisdom and practical knowledge has awakened an excitement and awareness which will greatly enhance and improve my practices.  Thank you for being so AMAZING!” –Donielle, PT

“Knowing how to calm myself prior to going into a client’s home has helped me become a more effective social worker.” -Theresa, SW

“This gave me simple, hands on (literally) techniques that I can use to calm patients, so I don’t have to use sedatives as my first level of treatment.” -Carolyn, Medical Surgical Nurse

“Joy is amazing!” -Traci, RN

“I loved it!  I can’t wait to try in with my NICU babies!” -Mary, SLP