Grief & Crisis Consulting

Joy Lucinda specializes in strategies for tragedies, grief, layoffs, natural disasters, and other difficult situations in your workplace.  If your organization is in crisis or your employees are unhappy, you need Joy in your life!  With over 15 years of health care management and grief resolution experience, she offers expertise and unique solutions that you need to realize peace for your employees and work environment, even in the midst of grief, stress and chaos.  

Staff Appreciation, Workshops, & Trainings

Whether there is a death in the workplace, high stress, high turnover or poor job performance, to name a few, employees experience a sense of loss when these types of variables disrupt the workplace.  

Also, employees come to work carrying emotional turmoil from home which effects efficiency, motivation, and the ability to stay engaged at work.  

Joy Lucinda offers practical, easy to apply  mindset, mindfulness and appreciation strategies that enable staff to empower themselves to be happy at work the midst of emotional turmoil, stress and chaos.  Decrease turnover, increase morale and loyalty.

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Manager Trainings

Feeling appreciated and valued are two key components to happy employees.  Joy Lucinda lays out how Appreciation Languages, Mindfulness and Mindset Strategies can enable employees to empower themselves to get the job done.  She provides simple, easy to apply strategies that can be applied within seconds to minutes to move from stressed out....

Staff Trainings

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