Grief Relief and Recovery

Join Joy on your journey of grief relief and recovery.

She shares what she would like you to know what happens after attending A Night of Healing:

Joy will talk about grief but also wants you to know that it is possible to restore joy after loss.

You will leave with a different perspective of your own emotional, physical, and spiritual journey through grief. And you will leave with ways that you can release your grief, or at least see it differently.

Seeing people on the other side and listening to their messages is much like restoring a dilapidated house (our grief). It’s about tearing out the old negative heavy emotions and making it new with the same feel as the old house. It’s interesting when we say we “lost” someone when they die, implying we don’t know where they are or why and how they left. Maybe we are the ones that feel lost without them. Just like the new house having the same feel as the old house, you will see after a Night of Healing, how they are helping you find your way somehow. Sometimes them not being present shows you the way too.

Grief is set in stone, Peace is set in air

Heavy vs light:  Heavy – grief and sorrow are heavy, feel unmovable, permanent.  Light – peace feels light, peace is freedom, PEACE is the highest state before God’s Enlightenment

Grief and Fear are lighter than Guilt and Hopelessness–but they are Passive – we sit in these.  Anger is lighter than all of these. When we get angry we start building a fire in ourselves to search out healing. Active mode. Anger moves us AND PROPELS US TO WANT TO BE LIGHT.Where do grief and other Heavy emotions reside in your body?

What is an intuitive medium vs. a psychic medium?


Now we will do a meditation to call in your Loved One yourself.


Grief Relief and Recovery in the Workplace

Invite Joy Lucinda into your workplace to assist the staff as they process the loss of a friend, family member, co-worker or patient.  She provides self-care tools to release grief as well one-on-one customized holistic integrative energy healing sessions.  Allow your staff to benefit from the techniques that Joy Lucinda has developed in her comprehensive grief work with Hospice and Dementia patients and their families for over 20 years.

Help them lighten the burden of their grief so they can be more effective and productive  in the workplace.

1 Hour Continuing Education:

  • Staff Grief:  How to cope when your patients die
    When staff grieve the loss of the patients they cared for, it can affect their job performance, mood and productivity.  During this 1 hour CE Joy provides an overview of holistic, integrative self-help grief release techniques as well as other strategies related to the grief landscape concept.


  • Grief Landscapes:  Traveling on your path back to joy
    Identify where you are in your grief process and how to move forward with it.
  • Holistic Integrative Approaches for Healing Grief for your staff, clients and families
    This workshop honors your clients who have died and provides a support system for your staff and families for healing their grief.    Joy Lucinda demonstrates and provides comprehensive self-care grief release techniques to let go of emotional pain for your community and other staff members. Help your community get through the grief together with quarterly or bi-yearly regularly scheduled, hands on support.