Intuitive Memorial Poetry

Do you want a message you can hold in your hands
to remember your loved one who died?

Do you want something to give to friends and family at a wake or funeral that is specifically about your loved one and not a standard message?

Do you need to see in writing what your loved one has to say to you to help you fill the emptiness and start healing the hurt?

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The Power of Poetry for Healing

Gail, a hairdresser for the elderly, and a kind, patient woman, took care of her terminally ill husband until he died.   He was in his early 50’s.  She had managed to work 2 jobs, commute more than 40 miles each way, take care of his needs…and everyone else’s,  except her own.  After his death, Joy wrote the following poem for her:

Her husband sick,
Working hard,
Gail had to become the Gale,
The prevailing wind,cloudsimage
Like a twirling, wild hurricane,
The nature of the gale force wind,
The eye the only stillness.

Gales have the power to blow people off their feet ,
Put holes in the walls,
But they also allow the ships to sail across oceans,
Flowers to pollinate,
Clouds to float across the sky to rain on dry land…

That’s the beauty of Gail!
She was the strong one,
Beauty, her strength.
Old ladies feel renewed by her touch.
Her husband trusted in those transformative hands
And larger than life heart,
Then light became his home.

And, now, Gail’s Gale, a light summer breeze…
A flitter of eyelashes to catch the tears,
Each one a prism of color as it caught the sunlight.

Soon even the breeze will fade
Into peaceful stillness;
A quiet solace inside her soul…

She was the Gale, and she is Gail,galeboatimage
Turning her transformative hands
And larger than life heart
Onto herself.
Giving herself the gift
She gave to so many others…

A new woman—rested and tranquil
Staring back at her from the mirror.

As told by Joy:
“A few days later, Gail comes to me with tears in her eyes, thanking me for the poem, and she asked me if I knew she had a boat called the Gale Winds.  I told her I did not.

She started talking about how since he died she feels insecure, and wants to put locks on the inside of her house.  I asked if a lot of people were telling her how to grieve and giving advice on it. She said “Yes!”  I asked if the need to put locks on her doors was symbolic of her wanting to be left alone emotionally to deal with her grief.  She said, “Yes!”  I told her about moving through her grief landscape together.  I looked into Gail’s eyes and explained that every time she feels like people are infringing on her process or she feels emotionally vulnerable or emotionally unsafe, get on her Gale Winds boat in her mind and float off into the sunset or wherever SHE needs to go.  Crying, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Later that week, I saw her and saw a peace on her face.  She didn’t feel the anxiety to lock the doors anymore.  She searched out help from hospice for bereavement, and she was on the path to Gail, caring for herself like she’s always cared for others.”

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