Intuitive Sessions


Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, a pet or are going through a tragedy or major life change, Joy Lucinda is here to guide you through your darkest times.  

Joy is possible even in the midst of grief, stress, and chaos.

Individual and Group Sessions and Coaching

Free Consultation


 Book at the link below for your free Restore Joy Consultation call. We will discuss: 

  • What you're going through
  • Strategies for functioning in everyday life in the midst of grief, anxiety and stress
  • Options customized for you, your family as well as your personal and professional life

Medium Sessions


This is a great way to realize that your loved ones and pets who have passed are okay, and often able to counsel you to move through your grief and release guilt and anger.   Along with angels and other guides in heaven, a medium session will enlighten you, help you release your emotional pain and identify practical solutions to live your life with clarity, love, hope and peace, despite chaos and distress. 

Intuitive Sessions


 Are you going through a traumatic situation or a major life change?  An intuitive energy session can help you identify real time solutions, clear out emotional pain and emotional baggage, jump start physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and transform your habits, mindset, heart-set and get back to who you really are.  Also, there are opportunities to forgive and heal the past so you can move forward and transform you life with ease.    

Family, Crisis, and Immersion Coaching


 Joy Lucinda has helped hundreds of families and  to find peace during and after crisis. Whenever you or your family are going through a major life change, crisis, trauma, acute or chronic illness or loss, it's a good time to receive practical and insightful guidance.  Joy Lucinda helps individuals and families through her customized coaching programs.  Individual and groups sessions available as well as family meetings.   

Virtual Sessions


All sessions and coaching can be done on the phone or via Zoom. These are just as effective as in-person sessions. Phone and zoom consultations are available in 15 minute increments. You can call from anywhere in the world to receive intuitive insights ranging from relationships, sick pets or people, death, caregiver stress, job situations, or to heal physically or emotionally, to name a few.

Restore Joy After Loss Book


Joy Lucinda's book gives you simple, easy to apply tools, stories and strategies to function with joy in the midst of grief, stress and chaos.  Whether you read it straight through or open it randomly, you will find just what you need to move through your grief while honoring your loss. Available in paperback or on Kindle.   



Terri McCreedy

“My career, my emotional life, my family life has changed after working with Joy.” 

Heather Curry

“‘Show up with a rainbow instead of a storm!!!!’ I love, love, love my friend Joy! Not only did she help me find my rainbows again, she has also helped my girls tremendously. She is this gorgeous light of kindness and love. She is my inspiration on so many levels and helps me remember to be myself in all of its chaotic beauty. Thanks for being in my world, Joy Cornelius Klein!” – Heather and her daughters after the death of her 43 year old husband from cancer.

Jennifer L.

 "You have no idea how great this is Joy.  I cannot imagine having such a gift.  I'm so grateful you use it to help others when they are at their most vulnerable moments in their lives. I feel my Dad and Brother's trying to relay to me what promises God has fulfilled for them.  Thank you for sending me your notes I keep them with me at all times and they are a great comfort to me."


I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.  After our session, I’ve been able to complete my grieving process with my grandpa, and I’ve felt so much relief and positivity since then.  You were a major contributor to that!! 

From Restore Joy After Loss Workshop Participants


“It was clarifying and connecting to my feelings; made me open my eyes to a new life.” 

“I loved it + I love Joy! It was very emotional and a good release. I loved connecting w/ other people + it was an incredible experience for me.”

“Great instructor! Very insightful!’ 

“Amazing! Hopeful. Life Participation! Joy is real - and that is everything! Good perspectives and strategist philosophy!”

“Loved this class! Instructor is great.”

“Highly recommend.”

“Very interesting. Down to earth examples.”

Kelly Maloney

 I first met Joy almost four years ago, while going through a tremendously painful chapter of life. I cautiously visited her office, per a family member's suggestion, uncertain what to expect. Immediately, I felt a connection to not only Joy, but also the purpose of any therapeutic session: to reflect inwardly, release pains and (hopefully) move forward in your process.

Her talent is so unique, and continues to amaze me. In minutes, Joy so accurately and gently brought forth influential components of my life that were were presenting themselves. I still grapple with understanding how all of the energies of our past, future and present sync themselves in our bodies, but am so grateful Joy guided me to perceive and experience this phenomena more clearly, during our first session, and several thereafter. 

Over the years, I've sought Joy for guidance in various other chapters of life, ranging from career opportunities to matters of the heart and grief. Consistently, Joy has remained a consistent thread to better understand what the universe is telling me at times, and how to more intuitively understand myself. 

In closing, there isn't one clear cut reason to see Joy. However, if you're reading this I'd trust your insight that she may guide you one step further to where you belong.

Kimberly Bevan

 Joy Lucinda has transformed my life and my understanding of my deeper purpose. She has guided me to a level of personal and professional success that I would have completely not believed I could achieve.  

Nancy B.

 I want you to know how appreciated you are and know that your work and your life's journey are truly essential.  I am so grateful that you share your spiritual abilities with others. I am delighted and proud of you for sharing your gifts and insights to all those that are looking for answers, guidance and teachings.  We've spent only 2 sessions together and just from that, you play a significant role in my life as I know you do in many other peoples' lives!  Due to your facilitating and being the wonderful person that you are, my eyes, heart & mind have opened and I am able to grow and have understandings that I never imagined. You open up my life.  You have taught me so much about energy and I sense a higher vibration within myself.


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