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Restoring joy after loss is possible before, during and after loss, grief, chaos and stress. In this series of videos, you’ll be shown how to utilize the “RESTORE JOY” and R.E.S.T. protocols as well as mindset and heart-set strategies that provide a simple to follow road map on restoring joy after loss no matter what life puts in your way.  These strategies can be applied to your personal life and workplace dynamics as well as for nurturing relationships.

  • R - Release Resistance - Don't get trapped in the lower levels
  • E - Ease Into Neutral - Allow yourself to be guided to a better place
  • S - Stop Overthinking - Overthinking is a special form of fear
  • T - Test Drive New Words - Realize the positive and negative impact of words
  • O - Overcome Negativity - Hope and optimism lead to resilience
  • R - Remember But Look Ahead - Forgive yourself and others to increase self-esteem
  • E - Embracing Change - Moving ahead or to the side is easier than going backwards
  • J - JOY! - Joy is the state of being once love becomes increasingly unconditional
  • O - Open Road - There's something good waiting down the road
  • Y - You've Got This! - Go live your life with joy
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Library of 12 Educational Videos to Guide You Toward Joy

When you resist change and don't know that you can shift your attention to something that's greater, then you will be trapped in the lower levels of emotion.

This series of videos will take you through the steps to overcome your fear and grief and begin to deal with loss in a healthy way.

By overcoming negativity and forgiving yourself and others, you'll be on a path to peace. Only through true joy can you see the world and everything in it with love.

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A Handout With Exercise and Resources

This handout includes exercises to help guide you through the process.

There are places for taking notes and charts explaining the reasoning behind the process.

Resources are listed where applicable for further reading.

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Restore Joy After Loss

In this book, Joy shares inspiring stories to illustrate how her 10 easy to apply, practical RESTORE JOY strategies can help anyone who is struggling after the loss of a loved one to a major life change and function with JOY at work, home, and school even in the midst of grief, chaos, stress, and loss.

Joy is possible now and we don’t have to wait until things are better to be happy and light.

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