Restore Joy After Loss

Often when someone mentions going through a loss, it’s natural to assume that a loved one died.  However, loss comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from:

  • the death of a family member, 
  • job loss,
  • gossip,
  • loneliness,
  • divorce,
  • being diagnosed with an illness,
  • a negative home environment
  • or even having a bad day.

These losses all trigger the same intense grief and stress response in the body both physically and emotionally.  This makes it difficult to focus at work, take care of your kids, or function in general

However, the good news is****JOY IS POSSIBLE**** after any kind of loss.

Do you ever get tired of thinking about if your grief will ever feel better? Check out this video on how to calm the heavy emotions around your grief in 3 minutes or less.  All you need are your hands to RESET, get back to center, and take an emotional break.   


jin shin jyitsu finger holds image

Joy Lucinda specializes in helping you Restore Your Joy in the midst of grief, stress and chaos.   Here’s how….

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions

 Online scheduling

Intuitive Energy Sessions

If you feel an urge to move forward now, this is for you!!

An Intuitive Energy Session is a customized combination of various energy techniques and intuitive strategies including mediumship based on what you need to release or be aware of at that moment in time TO MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR LIFE.

Reasons for booking an Intuitive Energy Session

  • You’re thinking of or in the process of getting a divorce or breaking up with a partner
  • You’ve lost a job or thinking about moving to a new career or starting a new project
  • You have an issue that needs resolution in your business or you’re ready for it to grow
  • You are unhappy in your work or personal life and want to find Joy in life again
  • You just feel stuck and overwhelmed by life
  • You’ve been abused physically or emotionally and are ready to heal and move forward
  • You need to forgive or be forgiven by one or more people
  • Unresolved guilt or physical or emotional pain
  • You are ready to improve your physical, emotional, and/or mental health
  • You have ADHD or a learning disorder
  • You feel like you want to run away and start over
  • You are grieving due to a recent loss
  • You are a healer who needs clearing
  • You need JOY in your life!!

The result is that you leave lighter and see your path,

Online scheduling

Intuitive Energy Phone Calls

Calls are available in 15 minute increments to answer a few questions or to experience a full session.  During your call, Joy Lucinda will share intuitive insights on how your situation is affecting your energy and will clear any energy that’s holding your back.  We also discuss customized strategies you can use throughout the day every day to keep you balanced.  She will also text or email you the notes from the session for you to keep.

Restore Joy Coaching

Intuitive Medium and Energy Sessions help you identify what situations have led to you being in a state of guilt, anger or fear then releasing the emotional baggage that’s slowing down your progress to being able to fully share your God given gifts.  The next step is to apply practical strategies to your every day life in order to live with peace, love, joy and hope daily in your relationships, work,and at home.

Through Restore Joy Coaching, Joy Lucinda customizes her RESTORE JOY protocol and other easy to implement strategies that are customized for you and your situation.  She will guide you on your road back to joy through scheduled coaching sessions as well as be available by phone to help you work through challenging situations.


Restore Joy Coaching Packages

(The packages below are suggestions.  Healing after loss is not predictable or objective, so why would a coaching package helping you with your grief be rigid.)

Contact Joy Lucinda to figure out a flexible, custom package that works for you and your situation.  


The most comprehensive option for honoring you loss, shifting your life, clearing out old patterns and traumas, and how to apply simple, easy to apply life changing techniques and strategies in all aspects of your life to function every day with joy in the midst of grief, chaos and stress.  This package includes:

  • 3 intuitive energy sessions
  • 6 coaching calls or meetings
  • 12 personal questions answered calls
  • Can be done as a 1-2 day intensive or from 6 weeks to 3 months depending on what you need
  • Support options for after coaching is done
  • 20% off intuitive energy package sessions
  • Free copy of Joy’s book Restore Joy After Loss: Life Changing Strategies to Function with Joy in the Midst of Grief, Stress and Chaos
  • Ongoing support through online groups and attending Restore Joy Workshops and other events
  • $1997



This is a great option if you need a quick reset or tune up after a major life change or a major loss to see where you are on your road to Joy and how to move forward to the next level. It includes:

  • 2 intuitive energy sessions
  • 4 coaching calls or meetings
  • Up to 6 personal questions answered calls
  • Total program can be completed in as little as 2 weeks to as long as 6 weeks depending on your schedule and needs
  • Support options for after the coaching is done
  • Free copy of Joy’s book Restore Joy After Loss: Life Changing Strategies to Function with Joy in the Midst of Grief, Stress and Chaos
  • 10% off intuitive energy package sessions
  • $997


Have questions?  CONTACT JOY at to book your free consultation.