Restore Joy At Work


Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  When your employees are unhappy, discontent, unmotivated, or negative, there is a reason. And it often it has nothing to do with the job!!

We all experience loss every day ranging from uncooperative children, bad news about a loved one’s health, and negative gossip at work to personal fears and anxieties.  Then the waterfall effect begins.

Your employees come to work with this heavy EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE on their shoulders, then:

They are not fully present.

They make mistakes.

They are frazzled.

They may get overly frustrated with clients or their work tasks.

So, addressing these negative employee outcomes with traditional disciplinary action based on declining job performance alone ultimately does NOT solve the real problem.

Good employees can be sabotaged by emotional distress at home and in the workplace. 

The outcome of this is GRIEF.

How can this be resolved?

Whether your employee or workplace is experiencing a

  • co-worker death
  • lay offs
  • gossip
  • poor sales performance
  • disharmonious team

being HAPPY AT WORK is overshadowed by a sense of LOSS.

Joy Lucinda consults with employees, managers and entire organizations with the novel RESTORE JOY Protocol to transcend grief after any kind of loss leading to INCREASED

  • job productivity
  • retention
  • teamwork
  • happiness on the job.


“Thank you so much for this Restore Joy at Work Webinar series.  I have learned a lot from these last 2 classes.  I’m an OT working on a psych unit.  It’s a challenging work environment, oftentimes more so with coworkers, so thank you again for teaching.”   ~~~E.Z.


How can Joy Lucinda help you and your workplace Restore Joy?

Joy has compiled holistic and practical strategies contained within her RESTORE JOY process and REST protocol.  In addition, she incorporates the 4 step process for managers to “speak the love language” of their employees for creating willingness to find joy in work and increased employee ownership of their job and the company culture.

Here are some options for your workplace:

Staff Appreciation

One on one staff sessions to address and release personal and work stressors that are affecting job productivity and general overall happiness.  Joy demonstrates and suggests custom fit strategies for each individual employee to use for their specific job or emotional stress issues.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

A quick overview of the RESTORE JOY Protocol and how to apply the strategies to your job and personal life everyday to work and live more peacefully and happily in the midst of grief, chaos and stress.


Restore Joy After Losing the Sale, Restore Joy After Loss, and other customized trainings applying RESTORE JOY strategies and other interventions based on the specific issues of departments, teams, or management staff to create more cohesive, productive, happy teamwork and individual performance.

Continuing Education Seminars

Grief in the Workplace, Restore Joy After Losing the Sale, and Reflexology for Grief for over 20 health care and marketing professional licenses and certifications.


One day to 30 day strategies ranging from in-house workshops and trainings for front line staff and managers to customized one on one employee, department or team interventions.  Consulting includes revitalizing the sales force, increasing morale and culture, equipping managers with speaking the employee’s “love language” to change resistance to willingness to do a great job and encourage others.

Business Boot Camps and Team Building Retreats

Speaking at pre-planned retreats or facilitating a half day or one day intensive on how to RESTORE JOY is your workplace.  This can be focused on management, departments or specific teams.  All retreat seminars are customized based on company culture, mission, and staff concerns or challenges that need to be addressed.