“I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.  After our session, I’ve been able to complete my grieving process with my grandpa, and I’ve felt so much relief and positivity since then.  You were a major contributor to that!! 

“‘Show up with a rainbow instead of a storm!!!!’ I love, love, love my friend Joy! Not only did she help me find my rainbows again, she has also helped my girls tremendously. She is this gorgeous light of kindness and love. She is my inspiration on so many levels and helps me remember to be myself in all of its chaotic beauty. Thanks for being in my world, Joy Cornelius Klein!” – Heather and her daughters after the death of her 43 year old husband from cancer.

“My career, my emotional life, my family life has changed after working with Joy.”  – Terry McCreedy, Nurse Practioner