Wearing Black – Where does the rainbow creep in?

When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico, he bought me a sarong encompassing the brightest pure versions of yellows, reds, lime greens, and purples with carefully spaced sequins. But, the fact that we live in Illinois where winters can stretch for 5 months amidst dreary clouds, I reached for the sarong … Continue reading Wearing Black – Where does the rainbow creep in?

Watching Your Joy Drive Away

I remember the night clearly. It was around 9pm in late September after my daughter Summer’s chaotic 3rd birthday party. I, standing alone in my driveway under our 25 foot high buckeye tree on an unusually clear starry night, honed in on the round red tail lights that just a few minutes before were MY … Continue reading Watching Your Joy Drive Away

Off the Map

There is a beautifully expressive independent film from 2003 called Off the Map with Joan Allen, Sam Elliott, and Valentina de Angelis, a talented young girl. The parents and the girl, their only child, moved off the grid into the back country of New Mexico. The girl reminded me of me as a child living … Continue reading Off the Map